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            Winner of
"Persias Got Talent"


Norwegian-Iranian Navid Rezvani is one of Norway’s leading dancers and performing artists. With his base genre being hip hop dance/breaking, his professional work is cross-genre, influenced by various dance styles and expressions, and mixed with text work. He has a 22 year long career as a professional dancer and actor behind him, where he has worked with several of the country’s leading choreographers and directors, and performed on big stages both in Norway and internationally. To name a few, his track record includes several productions in the Norwegian Opera, tours with the National Traveling Theater, solo performances in Oslo Concert Hall, the National Theatre, on the Norwegian Sports Gala and NRK Telethon – both on live national TV, as well as performances in San Francisco, Spain and India. In 2021 he won the TV competition Persia’s got talent (produced by MBC Persia and viewed by over 30 million viewers worldwide), and he got 2nd place in the Norwegian version of the show, Norway’s got talent, in 2012. He has received numerous scholarships and awards, like amongst others the Oslo City Artist Award together with his former dance group Kingwings Crew, and a three-year working scholarship from the Norwegian Arts Council. Moreover, he is a former Norwegian Champion in breaking, and he is internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading breakers and a respected representative for the hip hop culture and its fundamental values. In addition to his work as a performing artist, he also gives inspirational lectures to audiences nationally and abroad. 

Rezvani has a strong engagement in social matters, and with his global background and worldview, his superior vision as an artist is to break down political and social barriers, and fight for a more diverse and including society.

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