Navid Rezvani is a B-boy and uses the dance aspect of the HipHop culture to express himself. He was born in Iran and is a citizen of Norway. He is internationally known for his hard work of sharing some of the real values of the HipHop culture within his performances, documentaries and inspirational lectures.

Through years of traveling, competing and performing in different parts of the world, Navid takes with him his experiences of cultures, habits, struggles and stories and expresses them on stage for his audience. Navid’s goal is to act as a bridge between cultures, bringing people closer together.


After being one of the finalists in the Norwegian version of the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” and 2nd place in “Norway´s Got Talent”, Navid traveled the country with The Norwegian Touring Theatre (Riksteatret) with his performance show “Each One Teach One,” which has become a great success in Norway. He dreams of one day of winning a world championship title in Breaking.


Navid won the official Norwegian Breaking championships in 2016 and today serves as an ambassador for the Norwegian National Olympic Center. He is the first Norwegian HipHop dancer to have received a 3 years work scholarship from the Norwegian Art Council.