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            Winner of
"Persias Got Talent"


Navid Rezvani is a Bboy (Break-Dancer), and uses the dance expression of the HipHop culture to communicate and build brides. Born in Iran and is a citizen of Norway.

With 20 years of dance career, he is internationally known for his hard work of sharing some of the real values of the HipHop culture within his performances, documentaries and inspirational lectures.

Through years of traveling, competing, being a moderator in HipHop events and performing in different parts of the world, Navid takes with him his experiences and stories of cultures, habits, struggles and expresses them on stage for his audience.

Navid’s political and social involvement, for the immigrant youth, against racism, is well known in his hometown of Oslo. 

After being one of the finalists in the Norwegian version of the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” and 2nd place in “Norway´s Got Talent”, Navid traveled the country with The Norwegian Touring Theatre (Riksteatret) with his performance show “Each One Teach One”. This show became a success in Norway. 

In 2009, Navid was the first Norwegian Bboy and HipHop dancer to perform with the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet on the main stage of the National Opera.

In 2016 Navid became the official Norwegian Bboy champion after winning the 1VS1 National Championships in Breaking. 

In 2017 Navid was one of the first BBoys in Norway to receive a 3 years work scholarship from the Norwegian Culture Council.

In 2019, Navid was invited and competed as a Norwegian representative in Nanjing, China at the first official 1VS1 World Breaking Championships leading to the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Navid Rezvani is both part of training environment of Norway's National Olympics Center and ambassador for the performance culture there.

Behind Navid’s success lies a bumpy journey and year after year with hard training. "I do not know about anyone who practices as much as Navid," says one of the main coaches of the Norwegian National Olympics Center, Morten Bråten.

Through hard work he has developed into one of the world's foremost breakers and a respected HipHop culture representatives. 

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